What is Integrated Systems Europe (ISE)?
ISE is the world’s largest trade show for professional Audio Visual manufacturers and service providers. It attracts over 1,200 international exhibitors and 75,000 attendees to a four day exhibition that takes place in Amsterdam every February. It’s a B2B show held in 15 halls at the RAI Amsterdam supplemented by a wide range of conference and educational programmes largely supplied by its trade association, co-owners CEDIA and AVIXA.

What market sectors does ISE cover?
It’s basically an exhibition that focuses on showcasing commercial and residential AV technology and solutions. These are digital signage, unified communications, pro audio, residential technology, smart buildings and education.

Who comes to ISE?
It’s a mix; you get a lot professionals coming that are in the AV ‘channel’ (manufacturers, distributors, and retailers) plus many end-customers. End-customers tend to work in the markets served by the ‘channel’, and come from areas such as Education, Corporate, Finance, Military, Healthcare and many more. One common factor is that the vast majority of attendees authorise expenditure.

What does ISE mean by ‘XR?
ISE uses this term to cover all B2B aspects of immersive technology and solutions -Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Why is ISE launching an XR Technology Zone?
ISE is responding to the requests of its attendees and exhibitors. For the exhibitors there is a growing need for them to be able to showcase their products and services utilising the latest XR solutions. For example, they need to know about the various training options being developed using XR technology.

Many ISE end-customers are looking to XR to provide innovative solutions in, for example, areas such as diverse as retail display and healthcare. ISE has traditionally featured the world’s leading large-screen digital signage producers – over 400 were at ISE 2017 – and in many cases these manufacturers are looking to embrace XR technology and as they evolve to bring AR, VR and MXR into their commercial offerings and value propositions.

Does ISE have any experience in XR?
In October 2017 ISE partnered with the VR Days festival in Amsterdam – it was a great success with over 100 exhibitors taking stand space at a uniquely creative gathering. Last year ISE worked with Holovis, a world leading sensory experience designer, to launch the XR Technology Zone at ISE. For 2018 Holovis will be providing a centrepiece for the XR Technology Zone and is guaranteed to draw crowds. ISE is also launching an XR Summit at the 2018 show. This one day conference will focus on the latest XR B2B technology and business strategies.

Why should I participate in the XR Technology Zone?
As ISE moves towards XR you should consider moving towards ISE. It is a unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of leading technology manufacturers and service suppliers keen to explore what ‘XR Experts’ have to offer. It will also connect you with thousands of ‘end customers’ looking to bring XR solutions into their businesses and to those of their customers. Finally, it’s a vibrant, commercially successful market that embraces change and opportunity. Make sure that you are part of it.