Why XR at ISE? The appeal of XR is mainly around its role as a ‘display’ technology. Display technology is a mainstay of the AV business and the ISE exhibition. No one has more experience in terms of display technology and the requisite signal processing that makes quality displayed images, on screen or projected, than Integrated Systems Europe.

Also, the industries being impacted by XR are also some of the most important vertical markets that AV currently serves, such as, Entertainment, Education, Training, Events, Simulation, Digital Signage, Medical, Real Estate and Conferencing.

As XR will create a major change in display technology, it is natural that AV vendors and integrators will follow this technology. And where better to follow it than at ISE…

The XR Summit ISE 2019 delivered an invaluable source of market intelligence and best practice case studies from some of the world’s leading XR experts and thought leaders. It was equally as valuable for ISE exhibitors, attendees from ‘the channel’ and those working in the variety of served vertical market sectors.

The XR Summit also provided numerous sponsorship and branding opportunities which provided:

  • Unique networking opportunities: targeting over 150 + XR Summit ISE delegates
  • Brand recognition and visibility to 40,000 industry professionals via ISE promotions
  • The opportunity to generate qualified contacts and leads