February 6 | 15:20-15:40 | XR Summit 2018
Productivity without limitations: Future of Enterprise Collaboration in VR
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At MatrixWorks, we believe the future of enterprise will be virtual and we strive to enable enterprise productivity without limitations. Today we develop and ship (worldwide) MatrixWorks Envision – a software platform, which allows teams to collaborate in VR. With Envision, every process of the enterprise lifecycle is facilitated: people no longer need to travel around the globe in order to transfer knowledge and make decisions, our software allows them to meet so realistically in VR – visualising the needed 3D data and interacting with it. It’s a perfect sales tool, which enables the explaining of complex configurable products in an easy way – anywhere you are. With the integration of productivity tools, such as Trello and really good screen-sharing applications, collaboration on VR becomes a natural experience.