February 6 | 11:00-11:20 | XR Summit 2018
Virtual Reality experience, before and beyond HMD
Session Location

Virtual reality based upon projection is still the driving force for innovation and improvements in key industries like automotive, natural resources, research centres. HMD technologies introduced over the past years have made it possible for many industries to start discovering the value and potential of VR. Many of those new VR industries are at the point of taking a next step, investing further in VR, looking for solutions beyond HMD and solutions to be combined with HMD. In this session you will learn more about the potential of VR solutions based upon projection and about the return on investment cases where VR is used in automotive and natural resources. How can industries that are new to VR learn from these long-term users and apply it to their business cases? Discover how VR suppliers see value for VR industrial users in combining both technologies.

Director general manager VR division