XR Summit 2018

Dr. Vesna Petresin
Transdisciplinary artist and researcher

Dr. Vesna Petresin is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working with performance and public art. Her practice integrates voice, movement, sound, visuals, light and interaction. The work explores immersion, embodiment, transformation and time, alongside the questions of the intimate and the communal, the organic and the artificial, the body and the subconscious ,the art and the science. Vesna has exhibited and performed at Tate Modern, ArtBasel Miami, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Academy of Arts, Venice Biennale, Cannes International Film Festival, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Sydney Opera House, Vienna Secession, World Architecture Festival and Beijing Architecture Biennale. Currently an Artist in Residency and Viisiting g Lecturer at the Netherlands Film Academy, as well as a Visiting Fellow at Goldsmtihs, she has lectured and published internationally (Springer, Thames & Hudson, Wiley Academy)

Sessions with this speaker

February 6 | 16:00-16:25 | XR Summit 2018
February 6 | 16:25-16:55 | XR Summit 2018